Logo with text that says 'Big Cartel Workers Union OPEIU 1010'

Big Cartel Workers Union

Union of Big Cartel staff organizing for a better workplace. Proud affiliate of OPEIU Local 1010.

Our union has been voluntarily recognized. Our next step is to collectively bargain and win our first contract.


At Big Cartel, we make tools and break down barriers so people can operate online on their own terms. Now we, the workers, are coming together to promote transparency and collaboration, ensure equity, increase staff well-being and retention, and add to the long list of reasons why we choose to work at Big Cartel.

As a union, we embody the scrappy, inventive, inclusive, and radical nature this company seeks to champion. We want to build a more sustainable organization for all employees and the sellers we serve.

Our Values

Embrace Change

Change has a permanent spot on our guest list, and we’ve experienced this first-hand with the monumental changes within the company over the last year. Outside of our company, we’re seeing waves of change as unions form across the tech industry, including our OPEIU Local 1010 associates at Kickstarter and Code for America. We want to be a part of this movement that offers employees a say in how they work and how they are valued at work. Big Cartel is committed to listening, learning, and adapting in real time, and that should not only apply to the product we make, but to the workers that build and support our product every day.

Empower Others

If Big Cartel’s work is to empower our users, then our work as a union is to empower each worker and embody the ethos Big Cartel wants to see in the world. We, the workers, choose to be independent and free from external influence, to forge our own path and dismantle the notion that work is a hierarchy. We choose to unionize in order to more effectively collaborate with leadership.

Unionizing is a tangible way to challenge power structures that silo workers and uphold white supremacy culture. We believe our union will provide space for all workers to advocate for the well-being of themselves and each other with dignity, regardless of level, discipline, race, ability, or gender. The ability for workers to collectively bargain benefits everyone—access to promotions, time off, and healthy work dynamics should not depend on the goodwill of individuals in leadership positions.

Drive Bravery

Admitting when we make mistakes can be scary; we acknowledge that leaders at Big Cartel have been willing to do this over the last few months. This is a chance to push ourselves further, to dismantle things that haven’t worked equitably for all workers, and build things better. To drive bravery is to ensure that all employees are empowered to share their ideas and experiences, and we believe that forming our union will increase transparency and encourage us to act with conviction.

As a union, we are committed to working collectively to make big decisions and advocate for social change within our company. We believe unionizing supports the collective struggle for justice, and we stand in solidarity with other working people.

People Over Profit

Big Cartel’s Brand Foundations document says, “Our belief in doing what’s right for our employees and community will always take precedence.”

We believe Big Cartel can be a place where leadership is open, receptive, and collaborative with Big Cartel employees. To unionize is to explicitly embrace those values and continue to work in good faith with one another. Voluntarily recognizing Big Cartel Workers Union will position the organization as a leader for change in the tech sector. And in light of recent events within the company, it will demonstrate to all employees and the world that we are a strong and resilient organization, ready to move forward toward a sustainable and inclusive future.